• Heavy Duty Electrical Tape

    Heavy Duty Electrical Tape

    Give your repairs and DIY projects long-lasting hold both indoors and outdoors with this all-weather electrical tape.

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  • Professional Electrical Tape

    Professional Electrical Tape

    This professional-grade tape is ideal for electrical work and applications requiring extreme endurance and a high-performance adhesive.

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  • Economy Electrical Tape

    Economy Electrical Tape

    This multi-purpose electrical tape is designed for long-lasting applications, durable coverage and keeping wires well insulated and protected.

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  • Auto Electrical Tape

    Auto Electrical Tape

    This tape stands up to repairs and fixes requiring extreme endurance for long-lasting applications.

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  • Rubber Splicing Tape

    Rubber Splicing Tape

    Protect your electrical project with a DIY tape that creates a watertight barrier around low voltage electrical splices or wire repairs.

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  • Friction Tape

    Friction Tape

    This adhesive tape is perfect for a variety of electrical and mechanical projects and increases grip or friction on tools and sports equipment.

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