• Max Strength Expanding Foam Seal

    Duck® Max Strength™ Expanding Foam Seal

    Premium self-adhesive foam seal expands to fill larger cracks and gaps in your home to block drafts.

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  • Heavy-Duty Weatherstrip Seals

    Heavy-Duty Weatherstrip Seals

    This self-adhesive and heavy-duty seal is designed to seal gaps around your doors and windows, blocking out drafts and air leaks.

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  • Max Strength Silicone Weatherstrip Seal

    Silicone Weatherstrip Seals

    This strong and flexible seal is used to seal gaps around windows and doors that may let conditioned air escape and outdoor air in.

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  • Foam Weatherstrip Seal

    Foam Weatherstrip Seal

    This self-adhesive foam seal is designed to seal gaps around doors and windows, forming an airtight barrier against drafts and outside air.

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  • Vinyl Clad Door Seal

    Vinyl Clad Door Seal

    These vinyl seals are designed to replace cracked or worn weatherstripping, forming an airtight barrier against the outdoor air.

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  • Rope Caulk

    Rope Caulk

    Simple to customize to your DIY project, this caulk seals those smaller holes to keep conditioned air in and outside air out.

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  • Double-Sided Window Kit Tape

    Window Kit Tape

    This transparent, double-sided tape is specifically designed to hold your Duck® brand Window Kits up for a full…

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  • Vinyl Gasket Weatherstrip Seal

    Vinyl Gasket Weatherstrip Seal

    This durable, flexible seal replaces damaged or missing weatherstripping around the exterior perimeter of doors to seal out…

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  • Max Strength Replacement Door Seal

    Max Strength Replacement Door Seal

    Save home energy costs with Duck® Brand Max Strength™ Replacement Door Seal, premium kerf-style weatherstripping for prehung doors.

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  • Pile Weatherstrip Seal

    Designed specifically for storm doors or windows, these replacement seals won't cause excess friction and stand up against extreme temperatures.

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  • Duck® Brand Door Corner Seals

    Door Corner Seals

    Sealing gaps around the doors in your home has never been easier with Duck® Brand Door Corner Seals. These door corner seals are easy to install, with a peel-and-stick adhesive that offers year-round protection against drafts and insects.

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