How to choose the right window kit

How-To: Choose the Right Window Kit

Find out about the differences between Standard and Roll-On® window kits and how to choose the best solution.
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How-To: Duck Tape® Leprechaun Binoculars

Make this fun St. Patrick's Day craft with your kids or students using materials you probably already have at home.
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 Weatherize Doors - Duck Brand Door Seals

How-To: Choose the Right Door Seal

Check out all of the solutions Duck® Brand offers, and how to choose the right door seal for your home…
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How-To: Duck Tape® St. Patrick's Day Top Hat

Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasions or holidays with this…
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Which EasyLiner® Shelf Liner to Choose

Watch this EasyLiner® video about the best shelf liner to use for various home projects. Non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners…
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How-To: Choose the Right Weatherstrip Gap Seal

Find out how to choose the best Duck® Brand Gap Seal for your next home improvement project.
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Duck Tape Man tells a story

Duck Tape® Man Tells A Story

Join us for story time as Duck Tape® Man reminisces about his favorite fixes with duct tape.
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101 Uses of Shelf Liner

It’s not just used for cabinets anymore. Shelf liner is breaking out of the kitchen with these unexpected uses for…
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Video How-To: Duck Tape® Hyacinth Flowers

Bring your love for spring indoors with these colorful Duck Tape® hyacinths!
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Protect Household Surfaces With Style

Adhesive or non-adhesive shelf liner - how do you choose? Find out which type of EasyLiner® Shelf Liner to use…
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