Engineer Inspires Young Minds with Duck Tape Creations

The Duct Tape Engineer is helping to develop the next generation of innovators through engaging engineering projects.

The Lady Cans Robotics Team: When We Grow Up

It's a question we were always asked when we are young. For the girls of Lady Cans, an all-girls robotics teams that introduces young women to science, technology, engineering, and math principles, this question has many answers. And, this is what they said.

How Duck Tape® Is Made

Have you ever stopped to wonder how duct tape is made? Join us on a journey from the beginning to see how these ever-present rolls of tape come to life.

The Lady Cans Robotics Team: Meet Stephanie & Marlo

Meet Stephanie & Marlo, two senior members of Lady Cans, an all-girls robotics team in Austin, Texas. Here how being a part of this team changed their lives today and encouraged them to be the individuals they are about to become.

The Lady Cans Robotics Team: Duct Tape Bow Ties

For Lady Cans, an all-girls robotics team in Austin, Texas, success starts with a Duck Tape® bow tie. How so? Watch and find out.

The Lady Cans Robotics Team: A Parent's Story

These are the parents of all girl's robotics team Girl Scout troop 2881. Listen as they share stories about how their daughters were empowered through experience in STEM to become future leaders in a male-dominated profession.

Galileo Camps and Duck Tape: Creating Fearless Innovators

Enter a world where mistakes are marvelous, kids are innovative problem solvers and there is enough Duck Tape® to go to the moon and back.

Duck Tape® & Make 48 Invent-A-Thon

Innovation meets tradition when Make 48 pairs up with a classic tool — Duck Tape.

Teaminator’s Duck Tape® Vortex Prototype

A Duck Tape supported vortex helps solve a common camping woe for the Teaminator inventors.

Galileo Camps: A Student's Story

Ellie is an aspiring engineer in her 4th year at Galileo Camps. With the help of Duck Tape®, Ellie is designing her first catapult and learning why mistakes are a marvelous thing.

Galileo Camps: Meet the Educators

The educators at Camp Galileo help students embrace the unknown and understand that science is something everyone can do, and that everyone does do, every single day.

The Lady Cans: An All-Girls Robotics Team

Meet Girl Scout troop 2881. This all girl's robotics team located in Austin, Texas builds courage, confidence and character of young girls, teaching them to be successful in everything they do.