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Stress. Worry. And a little more stress. Moving’s hard. But with a little help from Duck®, it can be easy. Let us help you make moving to a new home the happy occasion it should be.

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Moving Day Mania

Don't let your move become a stress test. Use these solutions to keep your relocation troubles packed away.

How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes

Need to decide what size cardboard boxes are right for certain items? Check out this guide on how to choose the right box for all of your moving, storage and shipping needs.

Moving Across the Country: Make it a Success

The idea of moving across the country can be daunting. There are many details to consider, including packing and shipping. These tips will help you prepare and give you a moving checklist to make your journey a success.

Duck® Brand Heavy Duty Kraft Box

Reinforced with double-wall construction for added strength and durability, these boxes are perfect for packing up your kitchen or garage items.

EZ Start® Packaging Tape with Dispenser

Featuring a long-lasting adhesive, this tape unrolls smoothly and quietly while keeping your boxes and packages secure in the mail or storage.

Duck® Brand Original Bubble Wrap® Cushioning

When moving, storing or mailing your valuables, this bubble cushioning provides consistent cushioning and protection so your items don’t get damaged.

Duck® Brand Glass Kit

Featuring reusable corrugate dividers to keep glassware safe, this kits is ideal for your next big move.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Moving

Moving expenses can get out of control if you don’t plan ahead. If you want to have a move that’s both inexpensive and efficient, check out these 8 money-saving tips.

Duck® Brand Moving Calculator

Don't guess what moving supplies you need. Let us help. Now, an easier move is just a few clicks away.