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DIY Adult Duck Tape Costumes

3 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

If you're running out of time and looking for a DIY Halloween costume that won't cost a fortune, grab a few rolls of Duck Tape and a t-shirt. In no time, You'll have an affordable costume that looks like a million bucks!

How To Organize Duck Tape Party

How-To Organize a Duck Tape® Party

Learn how to throw a duct tape themed party with fun-filled ideas and crafts from Duck® brand

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5 DIY Photo Display Ideas

Here are some creative DIY ideas for displaying your favorite photos around the house, classroom, dorm room and more.

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Queen of Tape

Some people see a roll of tape. Anna Dominguez sees art that’s waiting to come to life. Check out The Queen of Tape's life story about becoming a duct tape artist.

Educators & Parents

We’re educators and parents. But we make more than classroom projects and rainy-day activities; we help make young minds. We’re the leaders of future leaders. We inspire budding architects. We inspire ideas, and encourage self discovery and exploration.

2018 Cdt 3 Kids Halloween

3 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Looking for a quick DIY Halloween costume for your little one that's still fun and adorable? All you need is some Duck Tape, shirts and a little creativity to create these cute, last minute costumes.

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7 Last Minute Costume Ideas for Kids

Last minute doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 5 costume ideas with Duck Tape® for your kids without even buying a costume.

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DIY Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party for your kids or classroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are DIY ideas to make your own decorations without spending a lot of money.

Duck Tape Hacksfor Parents You Tube Thumb Image

6 Duck Tape® Hacks for Parents

Need some extra organization during the busy school year? Explore these clever around-the-house Duck Tape® Hacks.


Tinkerers are about exploring. We push the boundaries of science and imagination. And we use versatile low-tech tools as fuel, to help brilliant minds of all ages burn brighter.

2017 Make48 21

Duck Tape® & Make 48 Invent-A-Thon

Innovation meets tradition when Make 48 pairs up with a classic tool — Duck Tape.

How Duck Tape Is Made 4

How Duck Tape® Is Made

Have you ever stopped to wonder how duct tape is made? Join us on a journey from the beginning to see how these ever-present rolls of tape come to life.

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Teaminator’s Duck Tape® Vortex Prototype

A Duck Tape supported vortex helps solve a common camping woe for the Teaminator inventors.

Maker 2018 Galileo Thumb Image Overview

Galileo Camps and Duck Tape: Creating Fearless Innovators

Enter a world where mistakes are marvelous, kids are innovative problem solvers and there is enough Duck Tape® to go to the moon and back.