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Inspire. Imagine. Create.


We swim against the tide. We don’t follow trends; we set them. We’re the Creators. What do we create? You name it. And we always know the perfect place to add just the right touch of flair.

3 DIY St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts with Duck Tape®

Don't get in a pinch this St. Patrick's Day — make one of these quick and easy St. Patrick's Day t-shirts!

Queen of Tape

Some people see a roll of tape. Anna Dominguez sees art that’s waiting to come to life. Check out The Queen of Tape's life story about becoming a duct tape artist.

Professor Encourages Creativity with Duck Tape

University of Cincinnati sculpture class gives students the chance to make larger than life Duck Tape creations.


You’re teachers and you do so much more than classroom décor and DIY projects — you help shape young minds and are the leaders of future leaders. You inspire ideas, self-discovery and exploration. Now it’s our turn – let us inspire you, and all that you do.

Holiday Bulletin Board for Teachers

Turn your school bulletin board into a holiday wonderland with these fast-and-easy DIY Duck Tape ideas!

How-To: Duck Tape® Fox Backpack

By using your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints, you can create a backpack that not only fits your back to school essentials, but is fun to wear too!


Parents help shape young minds, inspire ideas, self-discovery and exploration. Let us help inspire you.

6 Duck Tape® Activities for St. Patrick's Day

From toddlers and young children to older kids and high schoolers, we have you covered with St. Patrick's Day crafts to entertain any age group.

6 Duck Tape® Hacks for Parents

Need some extra organization during the busy school year? Explore these clever around-the-house Duck Tape® Hacks.

The Lady Cans: An All-Girls Robotics Team

Meet Girl Scout troop 2881. This all girl's robotics team located in Austin, Texas builds courage, confidence and character of young girls, teaching them to be successful in everything they do.

6 DIY Duct Tape Crafts to Style Your School Supplies

Take ordinary school supplies and turn them into something to show off your unique personality. Here are a few tips to use duct tape to add style this school year.


Tinkerers are about exploring. We push the boundaries of science and imagination. And we use versatile low-tech tools as fuel, to help brilliant minds of all ages burn brighter.

Duck Tape® & Make 48 Invent-A-Thon

Innovation meets tradition when Make 48 pairs up with a classic tool — Duck Tape.

How Duck Tape® Is Made

Have you ever stopped to wonder how duct tape is made? Join us on a journey from the beginning to see how these ever-present rolls of tape come to life.

Galileo Camps and Duck Tape: Creating Fearless Innovators

Enter a world where mistakes are marvelous, kids are innovative problem solvers and there is enough Duck Tape® to go to the moon and back.

Engineer Inspires Young Minds with Duck Tape Creations

The Duct Tape Engineer is helping to develop the next generation of innovators through engaging engineering projects.