• Drywall Joint Tape

    Drywall Joint Tape

    This DIY tape is designed for joining drywall seams for a professional finish in minutes.

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  • Duck® Paper Drywall Joint Tape

    Duck® Paper Drywall Joint Tape

    Repair cracks in drywall and reinforce corners with this non-adhesive paper drywall joint tape.

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  • Fiberglass Wall Repair Patch

    Fiberglass Wall Repair Patch

    Designed for easy patchwork and conformability, this fiberglass DIY patch makes repairing holes in your drywall and plaster easy.

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  • Aluminum Wall Repair Patch

    Aluminum Wall Repair Patch

    This aluminum DIY patch is designed to make repairing and patching up holes in your drywall or plaster quick and easy.

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  • Wall Repair Fabric

    Wall Repair Fabric

    For the pro and home DIYer, this mess fabric is self-adhesive and repositionable, making it easy to repair small cracks and holes.

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  • Plumbing Tape

    Plumbing Tape

    This self-fusing, silicone tape is designed to create a watertight seal around plumbing, auto and marine repairs.

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