• Extra Wide Duck Tape®

    Providing better coverage when protecting, supporting, holding or sealing your DIY or repair project, this duct tape gets more done with less.

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  • Double-Sided Window Kit Tape

    This transparent, double-sided tape is specifically designed to hold your Duck® brand Window Kits up for a full season.

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  • All Purpose Duck Tape®

    With extra-strength adhesion, this duct tape is the all around tool for temporary repairs and quick fixes around the house, garden or garage.

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  • silver-hvac-duct-sealing-tape

    HVAC Duct Sealing Tape

    This durable, heavy-duty tape combines the protective benefits of aluminum with the superior adhesive of Duck® brand duct tape.

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  • clear-all-weather-repair-tape

    All Weather Repair Tape

    Use clear and strong Duck® brand All Weather Repair Tape to tackle just about any indoor or outdoor DIY project, in any season.

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