Move & Ship

Move & Ship

We care about making your move easier. Find out how we can help you.

After 29 years of military service, three kids and seven relocations, the Hensdill’s know a little something about moving. And, so do we. We know the stress before a move and the worry of your things getting to your new home safely. So, the next time the moving van pulls away, smile. We got you covered.

Plan for Your Move

Stress. Worry. And a little more stress. Moving’s hard. But with a little help from Duck®, it can be easy. Let us help you make moving to a new home the happy occasion it should be.

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Moving Day Mania

Don't let your move become a stress test. Use these solutions to keep your relocation troubles packed away.

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Moving

Moving expenses can get out of control if you don’t plan ahead. If you want to have a move that’s both inexpensive and efficient, check out these 5 money-saving tips.

Packing Up

Making sure the things that matter most to you make it through your next move is what we do best. Let Duck® move the things that move you. And get them there safely.

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4 Ways to Pack Fragile Items

During a move, not all valuables are created equal. Yes, that coffee maker is expensive. But that antique photo of your great grand parents in the 150-year-old frame? You can’t just order another one of those online.

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How to Load Your Packing Tape Gun

Watch this instructional video on how to load your Duck® MAX brand packaging tape gun.

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Packing Tips: Make Moving Easier

Whether you’re hiring professional movers or doing the move yourself, knowing what and how to pack will help you save time and money. Here are a few tips to keep you organized and help make the day more efficient and easy.

Getting Organized

The move isn’t over when the van pulls away. Check out these tips on getting settled into your new place, keeping organized, mastering storage techniques and more.

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How to Install Easy Liner® Shelf Liner

This how-to video will teach you how to install liner and make you master of the shelf.

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DIY for Beginners: How to Paint a Room

If you’re new to DIY, painting is a great way to get started. With just four simple steps, you can be off and running and painting like a real pro.

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101 Uses of Shelf Liner

It’s not just used for cabinets anymore. Shelf liner is breaking out of the kitchen with these unexpected uses for Easy Liner® Shelf Liner.


Even when you’re in a new place, you don't stop putting things you care about into boxes and sending them off. Let Duck® help you get anything you send to where it’s going … safely.

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How to Use Your Packing Tape Gun

Watch this easy, how-to guide to learn the ins and outs of how to use your Duck® brand packaging tape gun.

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How to Ship and Mail a Box

Learn the basics on how to ship a box with confidence.

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Ideas for Sending the Perfect Care Package

Before you start putting together a care package for your loved ones, make sure you read these four care package ideas to create the perfect care package for any occasion.