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Queen of Tape

Some people see a roll of tape. Anna Dominguez sees art that’s waiting to come to life. Check out this Q & A about this creator's life story about being a duct tape artist.

Crafting 101

When your inner creator needs inspiration, Duck Tape is always there. Our range of craft products are here to fuel creativity.

Duck Tape® at Comic Con

Duck Tape is for heroes! Watch how Duck Tape is an essential tool for the homemade costumes of Cosplayers everywhere.

Gift Wrapping Ideas for All Occasions

Watch this video for tips on creating incredible last-minute gift wrap jobs. Yeah, it’s a procrastinator’s dream.

5 Repurpose Ideas for Old Items

Renew. Refresh. Revisit. Here are some tipes to breathe life into old things around your home or creative workspace.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Workspace with Washi Tape

Cure you or your kids work space blahs with these five tips for adding some style to your workspace.

5 Ways to Repurpose Old Stuff with Duck Tape®

Don't throw away old items around the house when you can revive them with color! We show you five creative ways to reporpose your old stuff with Duck Tape® and craft tapes.

11 Party Decoration Ideas with Crafting Tape

Make your next party shine – or at least sparkle – with these tips on DIY party decorations.

5 Ways to Add Glitter to Your Party with Duck Tape®

Add a touch of bling to your next party without the mess of traditional glitter! We show you five ways to use Duck Glitter® Tape to decorate for any event.

5 Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas with Washi Tape

Read this article to create last-minute gift wrap jobs that look like they took hours of planning.

5 Ways to Use Duck® Mirror Tape in your Home Décor

With these tips, Duck® Mirror Tapes can create something that’s a great reflection on you.

Video How-To: Duck Tape® Tips & Techniques

Learn how to get the most out of your Duck Tape® projects with these simple crafting tips. This tutorial requires Duck Tape®, Duck Tape® Sheets, scissors, and a crafting board.

8 Ways to Use Chalkboard Tape Around the House

Life is messy. Organize it with these ways to use chalkboard tape around the house.

Craft How-To Videos

More a visual learner? Here are some fun craft how-to videos to get you inspired.

How-To Organize a Duck Tape® Party

Learn how to throw a duct tape themed party with fun-filled ideas and crafts for your kids.

Wear Duck Tape® to your Prom and Win!

Head to prom in Duck Tape® promwear for the chance at a $50,000 scholarship.

5 DIY Photo Display Ideas

Here are some creative DIY ideas for displaying your favorite photos around the house, classroom, dorm room and more.


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