Step 1

Draw a kite shape on your card stock, making sure the two long sides measure 3 in. and the two shorter sides measure 1 in..


Step 2

Cut your kite shape out and use it as a stencil to create a total of 12 identical kites.


Step 3

Using your craft knife and ruler, lightly slice a line down the center of each kite shape without cutting all the way through. This will allow your kite to fold easily.


Step 4

Fold each kite along the line you just created with your craft knife. Repeat this for all of your kites.


Step 5

Put two of your kites together and tape both of the long edges together to create a 3D shape. Repeat this step so you have a total of six 3D shapes.


Step 6

Begin taping the 3D shapes together with .5 in wide pieces of Duck Tape®.


Step 7

Once you have three pieces taped together, cover the middle piece with Duck Tape® to add stability. As you continue to add a point to the star, make sure to cover the new middle piece with Duck Tape®.


Step 8

Once you have your star put together, finishing covering the last points in Duck Tape®.


Step 9

Repeat these steps with different colors, prints and sizes. Add wire to your stars if you want to hang them, too!

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