Elongated diamond shape drawn onto cardstock

Step 1

Draw a kite shape on your card stock, making sure the two long sides measure 3 in. and the two shorter sides measure 1 in..

shape drawn in the previous step cut out

Step 2

Cut your kite shape out and use it as a stencil to create a total of 12 identical kites.

center of the diamond shape scored lengthwise with a craft knife

Step 3

Using your craft knife and ruler, lightly slice a line down the center of each kite shape without cutting all the way through. This will allow your kite to fold easily.

shape made and scored in the previous steps folded down the scored line

Step 4

Fold each kite along the line you just created with your craft knife. Repeat this for all of your kites.

sandwich two kite shapes together and secure both open sides with Duck Tape

Step 5

Put two of your kites together and tape both of the long edges together to create a 3D shape. Repeat this step so you have a total of six 3D shapes.

After creating another piece identical to the one taped together in the previous step, tape them together at the top of the diamond shape so that you have two of the the star's points

Step 6

Begin taping the 3D shapes together with .5 in wide pieces of Duck Tape®.

After attaching another point, the center piece is then covered in Gold Duck Tape

Step 7

Once you have three pieces taped together, cover the middle piece with Duck Tape® to add stability. As you continue to add a point to the star, make sure to cover the new middle piece with Duck Tape®.

All 6 star points attached, and covered with alternated Gold and Chrome Duck Tape

Step 8

Once you have your star put together, finishing covering the last points in Duck Tape®.

Completed Duck Tape Star made with Red Duck Tape

Step 9

Repeat these steps with different colors, prints and sizes. Add wire to your stars if you want to hang them, too!