Bts Organizer Step 1

Step 1

Measure the size of your notebook. Make 2 pieces of Duck Tape® fabric that are the sizes of your notebook and one thin piece that is the same length of your notebook and about .5 in. wide.

Bts Organizer Step 2

Step 2

Tape all 3 pieces from step 1 together to make a cover for your notebook.

Bts Organizer Step 3

Step 3

Tape your notebook to the inside of the piece from step 2.

Bts Organizer Step 4

Step 4

Make pieces of Duck Tape® fabric that are the size and design you want for the inside of your pockets.

Bts Organizer Step 5

Step 5

Attach your pockets to the inside of your organizer.

Bts Organizer Step 6

Step 6

Make 2 small, double-sided strips of tape. Add magnets on one of your strips.

Bts Organizer Step 7

Step 7

Attach the strips of tape to the front of your organizer, making one of them to hold your pen or pencil.

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