2 pieces of Duck Tape fabric that is the same size as the notebook, and one piece that is te same length as notebook, but only .5 inches wide

Step 1

Measure the size of your notebook. Make 2 pieces of Duck Tape® fabric that are the sizes of your notebook and one thin piece that is the same length of your notebook and about .5 in. wide.

pieces from previous step taped together to form a book cover

Step 2

Tape all 3 pieces from step 1 together to make a cover for your notebook.

notebook taped into the inside piece of the book cover from previous step

Step 3

Tape your notebook to the inside of the piece from step 2.

Duck tape fabric pieces to form the pockets of the organizer

Step 4

Make pieces of Duck Tape® fabric that are the size and design you want for the inside of your pockets.

pockets from previous step taped into the inside of the notebook holder

Step 5

Attach your pockets to the inside of your organizer.

Twp double sided strips of Duck Tape made by folding a strip of Duck Tape length wise. Magnets then added to one side of one of the strips.

Step 6

Make 2 small, double-sided strips of tape. Add magnets on one of your strips.

One strip attached to the organizer so that it serves as a closure for the organizer and one so that it serves as a loop for your pencil

Step 7

Attach the strips of tape to the front of your organizer, making one of them to hold your pen or pencil.