Plus sign shaped template drawn onto poster board

Step 1

If you need a template, draw and cut out it out on a piece of poster board.

Fabric made from bacon pattern Duck Tape

Step 2

Make a fabric that is slightly larger than the size of your template.

Template from step 1 traced onto fabric from previous step

Step 3

Trace the template on your fabric from step 2.

Template shape cut out from the drawing made in the previous step

Step 4

Cut it out.

piece of tape attached to the underside of one side of the plus sign

Step 5

Add a strip of tape to one side of your fabric with the sticky side facing up.

part opposite of the tape placed in the previous step folded over. Piece with the tape from previous step folded over and attached to the opposite side. Strip of tape attached to the underside of the bottom piece of the plus sign

Step 6

Fold in both sides of your fabric. Use the sticky side of your strip to secure the pieces down. Attach another strip to the bottom, sticky side up.

Bottom flap folded over and attached

Step 7

Fold the bottom flap up and secure the pocket with the attached strip of tape.

circle drawn and cut out of a piece of Duck Tape

Step 8

Draw and cut out a small circle from your cardboard.

tape placed on both sides of the circle from previous step, then cut out

Step 9

Sandwich your cardboard circle in the middle of 2 pieces of tape. Cut out your circle.

circle from previous step attached to the envelope with a brad

Step 10

Attach the circle to the middle of your envelope with a brad.

string attached to the flap of the envelope

Step 11

Attach string or twine to the top flap.