Duck Tape Fabric twice the size of the bag

Step 1

Make a duct tape fabric piece twice the size you want your bag to be.

Fabric from previous step folded over a piece of rope

Step 2

Take your rope and place it at one end of your fabric. Fold the end over the rope and secure it down to make a tunnel for your rope.

previous step repeated for the opposite side, then folded in half and secured on the sides

Step 3

Repeat this for the other end of your bag. Flip it inside over and secure the sides of your bag with strips of tape.

Anchor drawn on a Duck Tape sheet

Step 4

For an embellishment, trace an anchor on a duct tape Sheet.

Anchor from previous step cut out

Step 5

Cut your anchor out.

Completed beach bag with the anchor from previous step affixed to the front

Step 6

Place your anchor on the front of your bag.