Strip of Duck Tape being measured to ensure that it is 5 inches long

Step 1

Cut sixteen 5 in. strips of Duck Tape®.

stirring straw being rolled into a piece of Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover sixteen 5 in. stirring straws with your strips of Duck Tape® from step 1 by rolling the tape onto the straw.

Straws made in the previous step cut into small pieces to form beads

Step 3

Cut the straw with your scissors into small pieces. These will be your beads.

7 pieces of elastic cord being measured to ensure that they are 20 inches long

Step 4

Cut seven 20 in. long pieces of cord with your scissors.

All 7 cords tied to a single jump ring

Step 5

String all the cords through a single jump ring and tie them together.

piece of tape wrapped around the knot tied onto the jump ring in the previous step

Step 6

Secure the ends with a piece of Duck Tape®.

Beads made in step 3 strung onto the cords from step 4-6

Step 7

String all your beads onto your cord.

Jump ring being attached to a clasp with a pair of plyers

Step 8

Connect another jump ring to a clasp with your pliers.

Repeate steps 5 and 6 with the jump ring in the previous step and attache the clasp to the jump ring from step 5 to complete the necklace

Step 9

Take your necklace from step 7 and secure the end cords to the jump ring attached to the clasp just like you did in steps 5-6.