Buckle being measured to ensure that it is 1.5 inches wide

Step 1

Use a buckle that is 1.5 in. long. Set this aside.

Double sided strip of Duck Tape cut down the middle

Step 2

Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® that is 4.5 in. long. Cut it down the middle about halfway up the strip of tape.

piece from previous step with the prong of the buckle in the slit made in the previous step

Step 3

Place the buckle in between the slit of the tape.

after folding the piece of tape with the slit over itself with the buckle in the middle, secure with a strip of tape

Step 4

Wrap the two strips over the buckle and secure it with a 2.5 in. long strip of Duck Tape®.

Excess tape trimmed off of the sides of the strip

Step 5

Trim off any excess tape. Set this aside.

Two strips of tape laid together so that it forms a double sided strip

Step 6

For your belt, cut two strips of tape to the length that you want your belt. Place both sides on top of each other, sticky side to sticky side.

Trim the strip made in the previous step so it is the same width as the strip attached to the buckle

Step 7

Cut off any excess tape so your belt is the same width as the buckle piece you made in step 4.

Buckle piece secured to the strip with a strip of Duck Tape wrapped around it

Step 8

Secure the buckle to your belt with a thin strip of tape wrapped around both pieces.

holes punched along the end of the belt

Step 9

Take a hole punch and make holes along your belt.