Piece of cardboard cut into a crescent shape so that it will fit around your cup

Step 1

Cut a piece of cardboard to the shape and size that will fit around your beverage.

Duck Tape fabric

Step 2

Make a fabric that is slightly larger than the piece you made in step 1.

Trace the cardboard piece made in step one onto the fabric made in step 2

Step 3

Trace your cardboard piece onto your fabric.

Cut out the shape drawn in the previous step

Step 4

Cut it out.

Button attached to one end of the Duck Tape crescent shape and a slit on the other side

Step 5

Place a button or hook or loop fastener on the ends of your sleeve. If you want to attach a button, make sure to cut a slit on the opposite side of your sleeve that is big enough so the button will fit through.

Duck Tape mustache piece to embellish

Step 6

Cut out other embellishments or designs with Duck Tape®.

Embelishement from the previous step attached to the face of the sleeve

Step 7

Place your design(s) on the piece you made in step 5.