Three different colored strips of Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut three strips of tape that are a slightly longer than the size of your waist.

strips from previous step folded length wise to make thinner double sided Duck Tape strips

Step 2

Fold each strip lengthwise, sticky side to sticky side, making a thinner double sided strip of tape.

previous step repeated for the other two strips

Step 3

After you have three double sided strips of tape, cut off any excess on each end to give it a clean look.

three strips of tape looped through the belt buckle

Step 4

Loop all three strips of tape through the belt buckle.

strip of tape wrapped around all three straps just below the buckle to hold it together

Step 5

Wrap a piece of tape around the strips to secure them around the belt buckle.

the three strips being braided together

Step 6

Start braiding your strips together. You can tape down your belt buckle end to the crafting board so the belt won't shift while you're braiding.

end of the belt secured with a strip of Duck Tape wrapped around the three strips to hold it together

Step 7

Once you've braided your entire belt, secure the ends of the strips together with a piece of tape.