Right triangle cut out of a single strip of Duck Tape

Step 1

Using a 4 in. long piece of Duck Tape®, cut out a right triangle that is 2 in. wide and 4 in. long.

Triangle from previous step rolled onto a thick piece of wire so that the tape tapers off at the tip

Step 2

Roll the triangle onto the top of your thick wire or dowel rod to create the middle of the flower.

Tape rolled onto the rest of the piece of wire

Step 3

Cover the rest of the thick wire or dowel rod in Duck Tape®, using the color or print you want for the stem of the flower.

Two pieces of tape overlapped to make a square of Duck Tape

Step 4

Cut 2 pieces of Duck Tape® for your large petal. Lay them sticky side up, slightly overlapping each other.

Piece of wire the exact length of the square made in the previous step laid across the center of the square

Step 5

Place floral wire in the middle of the Duck Tape® piece. Cut any excess wire.

Step 4 repeated, then lay the new square over the previous one sticky side to sticky side in order to sandwich the wire in between

Step 6

Cut two more pieces of Duck Tape® and place them on top so that the wire is sandwiched in between the Duck Tape®.

Cut the square with wire from the previous step into a teardrop shape

Step 7

Draw a large tear drop on the Duck Tape® while trying to keep the floral wire in the middle of the tear drop.

Cut out the tear drop shape made in the previous step

Step 8

Cut your tear drop out using your scissors. This will be the large petal.

Petal made in the previous step rolled around the wire from step 2, so that the pointed end of the petal faces the bottom of the stem. Secure with Duck Tape

Step 9

Wrap the petal around the middle, making a cup shape. Secure with a small piece of Duck Tape® at the base of the flower. Bend your petal to form any shape you want, too.