Step 1

Using a 4 in. long piece of Duck Tape®, cut out a right triangle that is 2 in. wide and 4 in. long.


Step 2

Roll the triangle onto the top of your thick wire or dowel rod to create the middle of the flower.


Step 3

Cover the rest of the thick wire or dowel rod in Duck Tape®, using the color or print you want for the stem of the flower.


Step 4

Cut 2 pieces of Duck Tape® for your large petal. Lay them sticky side up, slightly overlapping each other.


Step 5

Place floral wire in the middle of the Duck Tape® piece. Cut any excess wire.


Step 6

Cut two more pieces of Duck Tape® and place them on top so that the wire is sandwiched in between the Duck Tape®.


Step 7

Draw a large tear drop on the Duck Tape® while trying to keep the floral wire in the middle of the tear drop.


Step 8

Cut your tear drop out using your scissors. This will be the large petal.


Step 9

Wrap the petal around the middle, making a cup shape. Secure with a small piece of Duck Tape® at the base of the flower. Bend your petal to form any shape you want, too.

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