Duck Tape fabric made by folding a piece of tape length wise

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric piece that is one strip wide and 3 in. long.

Fabric from previous step cut into bulb shapes

Step 2

Draw and cut out your bulb shape.

Strip of tape folded over itself length wise and cut into thin strips

Step 3

Make a double sided strip of tape and cut out tiny strips.

loops created by folding the strips from previous step and taping it to the bulb shape

Step 4

Form your strips into a loop and attach them to your bulb with a strip of tape.

Excess from previous step folded to the backside

Step 5

Fold the excess tape to the back of your bulb.

Steps 1-5 repeated to created with various colors to create a colorful array

Step 6

Repeat these instructions with different colors or prints!