HACK #1 - Reinforced Book Spines

TFT Duck Tape 1

Keep all the booklets and books in your classroom intact by just using a strip of Duck Tape®. All you need to do is rip off one piece of tape that is the size of the edge of the book and tape the strip to the spine. It's that easy!

HACK #2 - Color-Code Shared Supplies

Bins on a table that are red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple filled with coloring supplies

Do you find yourself reorganizing your classroom's shared supplies bins more often than not? Use a color coding system to help keep the supplies where they should be. Simply choose a coordinating Duck Tape® color with the color of the supplies bin and

HACK #3 - Table Borders

A classroom desk with black chairs and green duck tape around the table edges

Add some brightness to your room by adding a colorful border to your tables and desks. With a wide-variety of colors and prints, Duck Tape® can help ma

HACK #4 - Floor Markers

TFT Duck Tape 4

Are your desks constantly “migrating”? By using a small piece of tape on the floor to mark where the legs of a table or desk should be can help keep your students from moving the tables and desks around the room.

HACK #5 - Labeled Cabinets

TFT Duck Tape 5

Having organized cabinets in a classroom can help keep the day running smoothly. To never forget which cabinet houses certain items, add a bit of colored tape to the door handle and create a list of what supplies should go in each colored cabinet.