empty Duck Tape core cut in half

Step 1

Cut a Duck Tape® core in half. Ask for assistance from an adult to cut the core.

core from previous step with corners rounded off with scissors

Step 2

Round off the corners of your Duck Tape® core.

Core piece from previous steps covered in Duck Tape color/pattern of choice

Step 3

Cover the entire core with Duck Tape®.

Strip of Duck Tape folded over length wise to create a double sided strip

Step 4

Fold 6 in. strip of Duck Tape® lengthwise in half.

Strip made in the previous step attached on one side of the inside of the core

Step 5

Attach the strip of Duck Tape® to the inside of the bracelet and trim it to fit your wrist.

hook and loop fastener added to the end of the strap and the inside of the core to create a closure to the loop

Step 6

Add a hook and loop fastener to the inside of your bracelet and to the end of the strip.