Two squares of cardstock cut out

Step 1

Cut out two 2.5 in. squares from card stock.

diagonal line drawn across one of the squares to create two identical triangles on either side of the line, then cut them out

Step 2

On one square, draw a line corner to corner. Cut along the line to make two triangles.

Other square covered completely in Duck Tape

Step 3

Cover the other square in Duck Tape®.

Triangle from step 2 placed so that the tip of the triangle touches the edge of the piece of tape. Then the excess tape that should extend past the long side of the triangle is folded over the triangle

Step 4

Place a 3.5 in. long strip of tape on one triangle. Fold over the excess tape on the bottom.

Place the triangle and tape from the previous step over the corner of the Duck Taped square from step 3

Step 5

Place the triangle on your square, folding over the excess tape over the edges of the square.