edge of the box's lid covered in Duck Tape

Step 1

Remove the lid of the box. Tape around the edge of the box lid with Duck Tape®.

Top of the box lid covered in a different color that contrasts with the previously used color

Step 2

Cover the top of the lid with Duck Tape®.

Outside of the box covered in the same tape as the box lid top

Step 3

Cover the outside of the box with Duck Tape®. Place your lid on the your box.

floral wire pieces placed next to two strips of Duck Tape

Step 4

To make a flower, lay out five pieces of 1.5 in. long floral wire on a 10.5 in long piece of Duck Tape®. Place another strip of Duck Tape® on top so the wire is in between.

Strip from previous step being cut into squares so that the wire is in the middle of the square

Step 5

Cut in between each piece of wire to separate into fiver square pieces.

Square from previous step folded down the center so that the wire is in the fold. Then cut into a half rain drop shape so that when unfolded it forms a raindrop

Step 6

Fold each piece in half so that the wire is on the fold and cut a petal shape. Cut small strips of Duck Tape® to tape the petals together on the back of the flower.

Brad placed in the middle of four petals to form a flower. Flower is then placed on the front of the box

Step 7

Repeat steps 4-6 with other colors or add brads in the middle if desired. Place your flower details on the box.

name made out of Duck Tape being placed onto a super hero themed box

Step 8

Repeat these instructions to make a decorative box for every occasion!