Step 1

Remove the lid of the box. Tape around the edge of the box lid with Duck Tape®.


Step 2

Cover the top of the lid with Duck Tape®.


Step 3

Cover the outside of the box with Duck Tape®. Place your lid on the your box.


Step 4

To make a flower, lay out five pieces of 1.5 in. long floral wire on a 10.5 in long piece of Duck Tape®. Place another strip of Duck Tape® on top so the wire is in between.


Step 5

Cut in between each piece of wire to separate into fiver square pieces.


Step 6

Fold each piece in half so that the wire is on the fold and cut a petal shape. Cut small strips of Duck Tape® to tape the petals together on the back of the flower.


Step 7

Repeat steps 4-6 with other colors or add brads in the middle if desired. Place your flower details on the box.


Step 8

Repeat these instructions to make a decorative box for every occasion!

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