Base of the lamp covered in White Duck Tape

Step 1

Cover the base of your lamp in Duck Tape®.

Lamp shade covered in White Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover the lamp shade in Duck Tape®.

Strip of Duck Tape placed on crafting board

Step 3

To make your ruffle, cut several strips of Duck Tape®. The amount depends on how big or small your lamp shade is.

Strip from previous step folded lengthwise so that there is s thin strip of sticky side running along one side of the strip

Step 4

Fold the strips of Duck Tape®, leaving one third of the sticky side showing.

ruffle design created by alternating between pinching the tape to form a loop and sticking it to the lamp shade

Step 5

Make your ruffle by applying the sticky side of the strip directly to the lamp and pinching or bunching the other part of your strip.

Thin strip of tape placed over the part of the ruffled strip that is attached to the shade

Step 6

Add a skinnier strip of Duck Tape® overtop the bunched tape to hold the ruffle in place as you go.

Previous steps repeated until the lamp shade is covered in ruffles

Step 7

Continue steps 5-6 until your entire lamp shade is covered in ruffles.

shade re-attached to the lamp base

Step 8

Place your lamp shade on the base you covered in step 1.