Piece of Duck Tape fabric formed by sandwiching two sheets of overlapped duck tape together

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric that is 6 in. long and 4 in. wide.

2 long and 2 short double sided Duck Tape strips made by folding a strip of Duck Tape over itself

Step 2

Make 2 Duck Tape® fabrics that are 6 in. long and 2 in. wide and 2 more pieces of fabric that are 4 in. long and 2 in. wide.

Strips from previous step arranged around the fabric from step 1 so that it makes a fat plus sign

Step 3

Lay down the side pieces on the edges of the bottom pieces and use pieces of tape to attach them.

Strips that were arranged and taped in step 3 taped up and together to form a tray

Step 4

Fold up the side pieces and use squares of Duck Tape® to secure the edges. This will make your box.

Double sided strip of Duck Tape taped across the tray to create a divider

Step 5

Tape a double sided strip of Duck Tape® to make your first divider.

prevoius step repeated until there are 5 compartments

Step 6

Repeat step 5 to make as many dividers as you want.

Strips of different colored Duck Tapes added to the top of the sections to aid in organization

Step 7

Add strips of tape to the top of your dividers.