Foam core board cut to size. Front of board covered in Dry Erase Liner

Step 1

Cut your foam core board to the desired size and cover the front with the dry erase liner.

border of tape added to the board from previous step. Botom third of the board covered in Duck Tape

Step 2

Create a border by covering the bottom half and sides with Duck Tape®.

Duck Tape fabric piece to serve as a pocket

Step 3

To make a pocket, make a Duck Tape® fabric piece that is 11 in. wide and 5 in. long.

Thin double sided strip of Duck Tape

Step 4

For the pen holder, make a double sided strip of tape that is 6 in. long.

Thin strip from step 4 placed on the pocket piece from step 3, and taped so that it forms pen loops

Step 5

Place your strip on the pocket you made in step 3. Form small loops by placing a pen under your strip and laying a thin strip of tape on either side. Repeat this process to make more pen holders.

Pocket made in steps 3-5 placed on the taped off section of the board from step 2

Step 6

Place your finished pocket from step 5 onto your board from step 2. Decorate and/or place magnets on the back to put in your locker.