rectangle cut out of cardstock

Step 1

Cut a piece of card stock that is 2.5 in. wide and 4 in. long

both corners cut off of one side of the rectangle from the last step

Step 2

Cut the corners off of one end of your card stock.

rectangle from the previous step covered in pattern Duck Tape on both sides

Step 3

Cover both sides with Duck Tape®. Trim any excess.

piece cut out of a sandwich bag taped to one side of the tag

Step 4

Cut a rectangle out of your plastic sandwich bag that is 2.5 in. wide and 3.5 in. wide. Attach your plastic to the tag with small pieces of Duck Tape® to both sides and the bottom.

Slit cut in the top of the tag so that a piece of card stock can go inside

Step 5

Cut a slit at the top of your tag and add a personalized message out of another piece of card stock and place it in the plastic holder.