double sided Duck Tape fabric cut into a half circle shape with a small notch cut into the center of the flat side

Step 1

Make a double sided half circle and form this piece into a cone shape. Secure with tape.

Ears cut out of a piece of Duck Tape fabric

Step 2

Make ears from a double sided strip of tape.

Eyes and teeth cut out of a strip of white Duck Tape

Step 3

Cut out circles and small squares for the eyes and teeth from a strip of tape.

Two small circles of purple Duck Tape to serve as the cheeks of the rabbit

Step 4

Make 2 circles for the cheeks.

Small black circles to serve as the pupils, a small tan circular piece for the nose and 6 thin strips to serve as the whiskers

Step 5

Cut out circles for the pupils, a circle for the nose and small strips of tape for the whiskers.

place all facial features on the cone, and attach the ears to the backside of the cone

Step 6

Place all of the facial features on the front of the cone from step 1.

long piece of string

Step 7

Cut a long piece of string.

small circles cut of the top sides of the cone with string running through the holes and then tied off at the ends

Step 8

Cut small circles on either side of the cone, feed the string through each and tie the ends.