Duck Tape wrapped around a dowel rod

Step 1

Wrap the dowel rods in Duck Tape®. A recommended way is to roll the straw lengthwise across the Duck Tape® with the sticky side up. Set it aside.

Strip of pink Duck Tape folded over itself length wise 1/3 of the way

Step 2

Cut off a strip of Duck Tape® and lay it on your cutting board sticky side up. Fold a third of the tape onto itself lengthwise.

Piece from the previous step wrapped around half of an easter egg. Tape is bunched up as you wrap to make a lacey appearance

Step 3

Take half of the plastic egg and start attaching the strip of tape bunched up to the outer rim. Go around the egg twice with your Duck Tape®.

Circle of tape placed on the bottom of the egg to hold the tape wraps in place

Step 4

Take small pieces of Duck Tape® and cover the bottom portion of the egg.

Dowel rod from step 1 taped to the bottom of the flower/egg to complete

Step 5

Take the dowel rod and attach it to the bottom of the egg with Duck Tape®