almond shape cut out of a piece of cardstock

Step 1

Draw and cut out the size and shape of the earrings on a piece of card stock. This is your template.

piece of cardstock sandwiched between two pieces of Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover both sides of a piece of card stock with Duck Tape®.

piece from the previous step cut in half so that you have two pieces to make earrings from. Then stack the two double sided pieces and the template made in step 1 and cut out the two earrings.

Step 3

Stack your pieces from step 2 and, using the template from step 1, cut out both earrings at the same time.

while holding the two earings together, cut out notches in the sides of the earrings to create a zigzag pattern

Step 4

Keeping both earrings together, cut out your design.

holes poked in the top of each earring

Step 5

Pull your earrings apart and poke holes on the top of each earring with your crafting knife.

earing hooks attached through the holes in the top of the earrings.

Step 6

Poke your earring hooks through the holes.