Flip Flop Step 1

Step 1

Trace a pair of flip-flops on to a cardboard and cut them out.

Flip Flop Step 2

Step 2

Cover the top in Duck Tape®.

Flip Flop Step 3

Step 3

lip over the flip-flop so the adhesive is showing and cut small slits in the excess tape all the way around the flip-flop.

Flip Flop Step 4

Step 4

Fold over the excess tape on the bottom of the cardboard. Cover the bottom completely.

Flip Flop Step 5

Step 5

Make a double-sided strip of tape that is about 20 in. long. Fold your strip in half.

Flip Flop Step 6

Step 6

Cut a slit in the cardboard in the middle of where your big toe and second toe should be. Place the folded part of your strip in the slit.

Flip Flop Step 7

Step 7

Flip your flip-flops over and place a strip of tape on top of the folded strip sticking through.

Flip Flop Step 8

Step 8

Place our foot as reference on the flip-flops and form your straps comfortably around your foot. Remove your foot and turn your flip-flops overs. Use strips of tape to secure your strap on the bottom of your flip-flop.

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