flip flop shape traced onto cardboard and cut out

Step 1

Trace a pair of flip-flops on to a cardboard and cut them out.

top of the flip flop shapes made in the previous step covered in Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover the top in Duck Tape®.

flip over the piece from the previoius step and trim so that there is a boarder of sticky side going around the outside of the flip flop shape. Small slits made into the sticky side

Step 3

lip over the flip-flop so the adhesive is showing and cut small slits in the excess tape all the way around the flip-flop.

sticky pieces from previous step flipped over the edge of the cardboard

Step 4

Fold over the excess tape on the bottom of the cardboard. Cover the bottom completely.

Thin double sided strip of Duck Tape folded in half

Step 5

Make a double-sided strip of tape that is about 20 in. long. Fold your strip in half.

Slit cut into the toe area of the flip flop. Bent part of the strap made in the previous step pushed through the slit.

Step 6

Cut a slit in the cardboard in the middle of where your big toe and second toe should be. Place the folded part of your strip in the slit.

strip of tape securing the strap on the bottom of the shoe that was inserted in the previous step

Step 7

Flip your flip-flops over and place a strip of tape on top of the folded strip sticking through.

straps wrapped around the flip flop and secured on the bottom side of the flip flop

Step 8

Place our foot as reference on the flip-flops and form your straps comfortably around your foot. Remove your foot and turn your flip-flops overs. Use strips of tape to secure your strap on the bottom of your flip-flop.