Straw wrapped in green Duck Tape placed on a crafting board

Step 1

Cover your straw or dowel rod in Duck Tape®.

Top view of a miniature rose

Step 2

Make 20 squares that are 1 in. by 1 in. and fold them into the rose petal shapes. Attach this to your covered dowel rod or straw to form a mini rose.

Strip of geometric print Duck Tape placed on a crafting board

Step 3

Cut eight 5 in. strips of tape.

3 inch piece of wire placed on a crafting board

Step 4

Cut eight 3 in. pieces of wire.

Wire placed in the center of the bottom two thirds of the sticky side of a piece of Duck Tape

Step 5

Starting at one end, align the wire in the middle of your piece of tape. Repeat this step seven more times.

Strip of Duck Tape folded over itself, enveloping the wire

Step 6

Fold over the opposite end towards the bottom of the strip, leaving some adhesive and wire exposed. Repeat this seven more times.

Duck tape and wire cut into a petal shape

Step 7

Cut out your petal shape.

Two petals wrapped around the rose from step 2

Step 8

Start adding your petals around your mini rose flower. Continue until all eight petals are on. Add a piece of tape at the base of the petals to reinforce the petals onto the straw.