strip of Duck Tape placed on a crafting table

Step 1

Cut a strip of tape.

Long triangle from the Duck Tape strip from the previous step. Cut lengthwise from one corner to 1/3 of the way to the center of the strip so that you get two very long and skinny triangles

Step 2

Cut a long, skinny triangle so you have 2 triangles out of your strip.

Smaller triangle placed over the larger triangle so that the points of the triangle piece face opposite directions

Step 3

Place the skinny triangle to the bigger triangle, sticky side to sticky side.

Small scallop shapes cut into the non-sticky side of the strip from the previous step

Step 4

Cut scallop shapes along the non-sticky side of your strip.

strip from the previous step being rolled beginning with the bottom of the sticky triangle

Step 5

Roll up your strip from step 4, starting on the side with the biggest sticky side exposed on the end.

Top of the flower flared out to resemble petals

Step 6

Finish rolling your strip into a flower shape. Flare out the top if desired.