almond shape cut out of a piece of cardstock to be used as a template

Step 1

Make a template for your petal.

15 inch strip of Duck Tape

Step 2

Cut a 15 in. strip of Duck Tape® and lay it sticky side up.

7.5 inch strip of Duck Tape

Step 3

Cut a 7.5 in. strip of Duck Tape®.

cut the strip from the previous step in half length wise to create two thinner strips of tape

Step 4

Cut strip in half lengthwise.

The two strips from the previous step placed on one side of the strip from step 2 so that half of the strip is sticky and the other half is double sided

Step 5

Take the two strips from step 5 and lay them along the bottom of the strip you made in step 3, leaving the top edge sticky.

shapes of the stencil made in step 1 drawn onto the backside of the strip from the previous step so that the stencil faces across the strip

Step 6

Flip your strip over and trace your stencil on the strip of Duck Tape®.

petals traced in the previous step cut out

Step 7

Cut your petals out.

petals made in the previous step folded so that the sticky bottom side is facing outwards. Then stick petals together, sticky part to sticky part

Step 8

Fold your petals in half, sticky side out. Place your petals together, sticky side to sticky side, to create a fan shape.

previous step repeated until you have a flower shape

Step 9

Continue this until you've created the shape of your flower.

circle of tape cut out

Step 10

Cut a circle out that is big enough to cover the backside of your flower.

circle from previous step attached to the backside of the flower to hold the flower together

Step 11

Place the circle on the sticky part of your flower.

Attach an alligator clip to the backside of the flower with a piece of Duck Tape

Step 12

Attach your clip on the backside of your flower with a strip of Duck Tape®.