Two strips of Duck Tape that are long enough to wrap around the jar

Step 1

Make two strips of tape that fit around the jar.

Strips from previous step overlapped to make a narrow sheet of Duck Tape

Step 2

Place the two strips of tape together, slightly overlapping them together.

Strip of Duck Tape the same size as the ones from step 1

Step 3

Cut a strip of a different color or printed Duck Tape® that fits around your jar or vase.

Sheet from step 2 wrapped around the jar. Single strip from previous step wrapped around the center of the previously wrapped fabric

Step 4

Adhere the sheet you made in step 2 to the jar and then the strip from step 3.

Small strips of tape folded over itself so that there is a small strip of sticky side at the bottom

Step 5

Make 4 double sided small strips of tape, leaving a strip of stickiness showing at the bottom.

strips from previous step cut into a petal shape

Step 6

Cut out petal shapes from your squares.

slit cut into the side of the petals that has the sticky strip

Step 7

Cut a small slit at the bottom, sticky strip of your petal.

Overlap the flaps created by the slit cut in the previous step

Step 8

Overlap the left side of your petal with the right, forming a 3D petal.

4 petals attached to form a flower

Step 9

Repeat these for the other 3 petals and attach all 4 together to form a flower.

Duck Tape circle attached to the center of the flower to hold it together

Step 10

Secure your flower with a circle made out of Duck Tape®.

Flower attached to the jar with a strip of tape formed into a loop with the sticky side facing outward

Step 11

Attach your flower to your jar with strips of tape.