Large circle drawn onto a piece of poster board and cut out

Step 1

Draw and cut out a circle on your poster board. Make this the size you want your flower to be.

Small rectangular piece of poster board covered in Duck Tape without overlapping strips, so that you can cut them out later

Step 2

Cover a small piece of poster board with strips of tape on both sides so the poster board is sandwiched in between the tape.

Strips cut out of the poster board from the previous step

Step 3

Cut out each strip of tape from step 2.

strips from previous step cut into squares

Step 4

Cut out small squares from your strip that are about 2 in. wide and 2 in. long.

Squares from previous step folded into a cone shap and held in place with a small piece of tape

Step 5

Form each square into a cone and secure it with a small piece of tape.

cones from previous step arrayed around the circle from step 1 so that the cones face outward. Secure the cones with tape

Step 6

Using small pieces of tape, attach each cone to your poster board from step 1. Cover the outside border of your poster board first.

Steps 2-3 repeated until there are rings of cones attached to the circle so that it resembles a flower

Step 7

Repeat steps 2-6 to create more cones and, working your way from the outside to the inside, attach your cones to your poster board to create your flower.

Piece of wire taped to the back of the circle to form a hanger for the wreath

Step 8

Attach a piece of wire on the back of your poster board to hang your flower wreath.