Step 1

Draw and cut out a circle on your poster board. Make this the size you want your flower to be.


Step 2

Cover a small piece of poster board with strips of tape on both sides so the poster board is sandwiched in between the tape.


Step 3

Cut out each strip of tape from step 2.


Step 4

Cut out small squares from your strip that are about 2 in. wide and 2 in. long.


Step 5

Form each square into a cone and secure it with a small piece of tape.


Step 6

Using small pieces of tape, attach each cone to your poster board from step 1. Cover the outside border of your poster board first.


Step 7

Repeat steps 2-6 to create more cones and, working your way from the outside to the inside, attach your cones to your poster board to create your flower.


Step 8

Attach a piece of wire on the back of your poster board to hang your flower wreath.

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