Fall Flower Pot Step 1 Copy 2

Step 1

Using your template, draw and cut out hexagons from your favorite Duck Tape.

Fall Flower Pot Step 2 Copy 2

Step 2

Attach your hexagons in a pattern on the flower pot.

Fall Flower Pot Step 3 Copy 2

Step 3

Continue adding your shapes until the entire pot is covered.

Fall Flower Pot Step 4 Copy

Step 4

Layer around a 2 in. strip of Duck Chalkboard tape and layer it onto a strip of Duck Tape that is slightly larger.

Fall Flower Pot Step 5

Step 5

Add this label to the trim of your pot.

Step 6

Cut a small slit at the bottom, sticky strip of your petal.

Step 7

Overlap the left side of your petal with the right, forming a 3D petal.

Step 8

Repeat these for the other 3 petals and attach all 4 together to form a flower.

Step 9

Secure your flower with a circle made out of Duck Tape®.

Step 10

Attach your flower to your jar with strips of tape.