Rectangular Duck Tape fabric made by laying two sheets of Duck Tape Sheets together

Step 1

Make a double sided Duck Tape® Sheet.

One corner of the rectangle folded so that the there is a folded right angle triangle over a single layered rectangle

Step 2

Fold the bottom edge diagonally to one side.

single layered rectangle from previous step cut off so that it forms a square sheet of fabric

Step 3

Cut off the extra strip so you're left with a square.

Square from previous step folded to form a triangle, then folded again to form a smaller triangle. This will add an X crease in the fabric

Step 4

Fold the square diagonally, with the opposite corners creating an “X” fold.

Four corners of the square folded to the center to form a smaller square shape

Step 5

Take all 4 corners and fold to the center of the “X.”

After flipping over, previous step is repeated to form a even smaller square

Step 6

Flip over and repeat step 5.

numbers 1-8 cut out of Duck Tape placed on ever triangle shaped fold formed in the square from the previous step

Step 7

Place numbers on the inner 8 triangles.

Message written under the triangle shaped flaps

Step 8

Write secret message in the four most inner triangles

4 different colored Duck Tape heart cutouts placed on the small squares formed on the opposite side of the square

Step 9

Color code the outer four flaps.