Double sided strip of Duck Tape created by folding a piece of tape over itself

Step 1

Make a double sided strip of tape. The size and length depend on how big you want your clover to be.

Strip from previous step cut into 4 equal squares

Step 2

Cut your strip into 4 even squares.

Squares from previous step cut into a double tombstone shape

Step 3

Round off one side of your square into 2 humps.

2 Xs marked on the bottom side of the double tombstone shapes from the previous step

Step 4

Mark 2 "x" on the straight edge of your square and cut along the lines.

punch holes on the Xs from the previous step and run string though each hole

Step 5

String through the x. Add a piece of tape on one end of your string.

Previous step repeated for the other double tombstone pieces

Step 6

Do this for the rest of your pieces.

string pulled tight to scrunch the leaves together into the shape of a clover

Step 7

Pull all of your pieces together to make a clover. Tape together each piece on the back.

Stem cut out of a piece of double sided green Duck Tape

Step 8

Draw and cut out a stem from a double sided strip of tape.

Stem added to the center of the back of the clover to serve as the stem

Step 9

Add your stem to the bottom of your clover.