triangle cut out of cardstock

Step 1

Cut a triangle out of your card stock that is 5.5 in. wide.

seven sections drawn onto the triangle from the previous step

Step 2

Draw seven sections on your triangle.

sections drawn onto the triangle in the previous step cut out

Step 3

Cut out each section.

sections from the previous step covered in Duck Tape

Step 4

Cover each section with Duck Tape®.

small length of straw cut out

Step 5

Cut out 7 small pieces of your stirring straws.

straw from previous step attached to the sections from step 4

Step 6

Attach the straws on the back of each section with a small strip of tape.

length of string for the necklace

Step 7

Cut a piece of wire or string that is the length you want.

jump ring attached to the string

Step 8

Attach a jump ring to one end of your string or wire. Wrap a strip of tape at the same end.

string run through the straws on each section to complete the necklace

Step 9

Add sections to your necklace by placing the wire or string through the straw. Wrap a strip of at the end, leaving space to add your clasp.