Two pieces of wire cut to length

Step 1

Cut two pieces of wire, one measuring 10.5 in. long and the other 16 in. long.

short wire bent into a u shape with loops on either end. Longer wire bent into a circular shape with the ends formed into loops

Step 2

Using pliers, bend the ends of the wire into loops. Form the 10.5 in. long piece into a circle and the larger piece into a "U" shape. You may need help from an adult with this step.

circular piece threaded through the looped ends of the U shaped piece

Step 3

Thread the "U" shaped wire into the circular piece of the circular wire.

connect the ends of the circular piece by interlocking the loops on either end around a jar

Step 4

Place the circular piece of wire around the neck of the jar.

strips of Duck Glitter tape placed overlapping onto a piece of wax paper

Step 5

Lay out two pieces of Duck Glitter® tape, slightly overlapping, on a piece of wax paper.

Floral design traced onto cardstock and cut out with scissors to serve as a template

Step 6

Draw or trace a floral design and cut it out. This will be your template.

Floral design from template made in previous step traced onto Duck Glitter sheet made in step 5

Step 7

Using your template, trace your floral design onto your piece from step 5.

floral design traced in the previous step cut out using a craft knife

Step 8

Using a craft knife, cut out your floral design.

floral design made in the previous steps attached to the front of the jar

Step 9

Place your design on the front of your jar one piece at a time.

Completed Duck® Glitter Jar

Step 10

Continue until you are happy with your design.