rectangular Duck Tape fabric placed on a crafting table

Step 1

Make a piece of Duck Tape® fabric that is the size you want your fan to be.

Duck Tape fabric sheet made in the previous step folded accordian style with one end wrapped in a thin strip of Duck Tape to secure it in a fan shape

Step 2

Fold your fabric like an accordian and tape one end together with a strip of Duck Tape®.

Templates placed next to semi circle cut outs

Step 3

Draw and cut out two wedges out of a strip of Duck Tape®. Make one a larger, yellow wedge and the other will be slightly smaller and white. Use templates from your card stock if you want all of your lemons to be the same.

White semicircle from previous step placed over the yellow one

Step 4

Place your smaller, white wedge on top of your yellow wedge.

Small triangular wedges that resemble the segments of a lemon

Step 5

Draw and cut out a small piece shape using a strip of Duck Tape®. Use a template from card stock if you want them all to be the same.

wedge made in previous step placed on the white semicircle from step 4

Step 6

Place your pie shape on the piece you made in step 4.

Steps 5-6 repeated until there are 4 equal segments in your lemon wedge

Step 7

Repeat steps 5-6 to complete your lemon wedge.

Lemon wedge made in steps 3-7 placed on the top of the fan to decorate

Step 8

Stick your lemon on your hand fan. Repeat steps 3-7 to make other lemon wedges if desired.