Strip of Washi tape placed on a crafting table

Step 1

Cut a strip of tape that is twice the length for your snowflake.

strip from the previous step cut in half lengthwise

Step 2

Cut that strip in half.

Piece of wire placed on a crafting board

Step 3

Use a piece of wire that is the same length as your strip. As an adult for assistance if needed.

strip from step 2 folded in half, sandwiching the wire in the center

Step 4

Fold the strip from step 2 onto itself, sandwiching the wire in between.

Strip from previous step curled around a pen

Step 5

Curl your strip. You can curl your strip around a pen too.

center of the curl from the previous step flattened in the middle.

Step 6

Flatten the middle section of your curl. Repeat stesp 1-6 until you have 3 finished curls.

two small circles cut from tape

Step 7

Make 2 coin sized circles from a strip of tape. Make sure one side is sticky.

curls from steps 1-6 stacked and fanned out into a snowflake shape. One of the circles from step 7 securing the front flat portion of the snowflake

Step 8

Lay your curls on top of each other, forming a pinwheel pattern. Use the circles from step 7 to secure the front.

wire attached to the backside of the snowflake with the other circle from step 7

Step 9

Flip your snowflake over and attach a string or wire with the second circle from step 7.