Square of red Duck Tape

Step 1

For the petals, cut a 1 in. long by 1 in. wide square of Duck Tape®. Lay this sticky side up on your crafting board.

corner of the square from previous step folded over so that the corner goes a little past the center

Step 2

Fold the top right corner over so there is one eighth of an inch of sticky part showing around both edges.

other corner folded over to match the one from the previous step

Step 3

Fold the left top corner down so that there is one eighth of an inch of sticky side showing on the bottom.

Steps 2-3 repeated until there are 70 petals

Step 4

Repeat steps 2-3 until you have 70 petals. Set these aside.

piece of wire looped around a ring and twisted so that there is a twisted piece of wire protruding from the outside of the ring

Step 5

Cut a 2 in. long piece of floral wire and bend it in half around your ring base and twist in place. The twisted wire should be .75 in. long.

one of the petals from steps 1-4 wrapped around the wire

Step 6

Wrap one of your petals around the top so the top of the wire is not visible.

petals placed around the base until you get to the 26th petal

Step 7

Continue to add petals working the same direction. Stop at the 26th petal (blue petals show the 26th and 27th petal) skip 2-3 petals to give the heart its indent.

petals placed as described so that the rose forms the shape of a heart

Step 8

Skip 2-3 petals and begin building another layer of petals. (purple petals show how to place the petals to make the top of the heart)

strip of tape going over the inside of the ring to attach the ring to the rose

Step 9

Continue to build layers of petals until you’ve reached a desired size. Use a small piece of Duck Tape® on the bottom of the rose over the wire and ring.

woman wearing the completed Duck Tape rose

Step 10

Place the ring on your finger or give it as a gift!