4 strips of Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut four strips of Duck Tape®.

tape laid over the other strips forming a double sided strip

Step 2

Place your strips of tape together, making one long double sided strip of Duck Tape®.

Slit being cut into the strips from the previous step

Step 3

Cut slits into your strip of Duck Tape® that are big enough to fit your clothes pins. Set this aside.

Double sided strip formed into a loop and secured

Step 4

For a bow, make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® and form it into a loop. The size will depend on how big or small you want your bow to be.

center of the loop made in the previous step pinched in the middle and secured with a thin strip of Duck Tape to create a bow tie shape

Step 5

Pinch the center of your loop, forming a bow, and secure it with a small strip of Duck Tape®.

Strip of double sided Duck Tape folded into a v shape, with each end notched with a V shape. V shaped strip then taped to the back side of the bow from the previous step

Step 6

Make one long strip of Duck Tape® and cut out a pendant shape on each end. Then, fold your strip in half and attach it to the back of your bow from step 5.

Bow from previous step taped to the top of the strip made in steps 1-3

Step 7

Using a strip of tape, attach your bow on the top of your ribbon from step 3.

clip the clothes pins into the slits made into the long strip. Clothes pins decorated with strips of Duck Tape. Loop added above the ribbon bow at the top for hanging

Step 8

Place decorative clothespins into the slits you made in step 3 and add a loop at the top to hang your ribbons on the door.

array of various color combinations in finished Duck Tape® Holiday Ribbon Card Holders

Step 9

Repeat these steps using other Duck Tape® colors and prints.