Strip of Duck Tape folded length wise so the there is a thin strip of sticky side exposed on one side

Step 1

Cut a 6 in. long piece of Duck Tape® and fold it so that only a fourth of an inch of the sticky side is showing.

Cuts along the folded edge of the strip made in the previous step, creating a fringe

Step 2

Make cuts along the folded edge of the Duck Tape® strip to create fringe.

Fringe strip from previous step wrapped around the foam wreath, adhered with the exposed sticky part from the first step

Step 3

Wrap your fringe around your wreath, using the sticky side to adhere it on the foam wreath. Keep the layers of fringe close together and don't skip spaces.

Steps 1-3 repeated so that the entire wreath is covered in the fringe strips

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 until you have enough fringe to cover your entire wreath. Set this aside.

Strip of red Duck Tape

Step 5

For the berries, cut a strip of Duck Tape®.

Circles cut out of the strip of Red Duck Tape from previous step

Step 6

Draw and cut out circles on your strip.

Berries from previous step placed on the wreath

Step 7

Add your berries to your wreath. Do not place the berries on the top.

Bow fashioned from a loop of a doubled over strip of Duck Tape, secured tightly at the part where the two ends meet to create a bow tie shape

Step 8

For the bow, make a piece of Duck Tape® fabric measuring 2 strips wide and 20 in. long. Fold the ends to the middle and secure by wrapping a Duck Tape® strip around the middle.

2 double wide strips of Duck Tape fabric with a V notch cut in the bottom side

Step 9

Make 2 pieces of Duck Tape® fabric, each measuring 2 strips wide and 6 in. long. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of each piece of fabric.

attach the notched strips from the previous step to the back of the bow from step 8

Step 10

Adhere the pieces to the back of your bow.

Bow attached to the wreath from the previous steps

Step 11

Attach your bow to the wreath with strips of tape.