Two strips of yellow Duck Tape with crafting supplies.

Step 1

First, cut two 12-inch strips of Duck Tape®. Trim about a quarter of an inch off a side of one of the strips.

One strip of yellow Duck Tape being laid flat on a crafting board.

Step 2

Then, lay down the larger duct tape piece sticky side up and place the smaller piece on top sticky side down.

Yellow Duck Tape being folded in half.

Step 3

After that, fold the strip in half, attaching with the exposed sticky sides to form a pocket. Trim of any excess tape to clean up the sides.

Pieces of a Duck Tape bee laying on a crafting board.

Step 4

Next, cut out shapes to piece together an animal face. Add googly eyes and other details with a permanent marker to create the face. Attach the animal face to the holder with hot glue.

Three popsicle coozies in the shape of a Monkey, Frog and Bee.

Step 5

Now you're ready to drop your favorite ice pop in and soak up the sun!