Vertical stripes

Step 1

To get started, apply vertical strips of Duck Tape® directly to the front of the dress, leaving excess tape over the top and bottom edges. Tip: To easily keep spacing even, use a small piece of duct tape as a spacer.

Horizontal stripes

Step 2

Next, apply horizontal strips of Duck Tape® to the front of the dress, leaving excess tape over both side seams.

Trim excess tape

Step 3

After that, flip the dress to the back side. Trim excess tape from the edges, and repeat the vertical and horizontal stripe pattern on the back of the dress.

Scallop detail

Step 4

To add the scallop detail, cut long strips of duct tape and sandwich them together. Trace a roll of tape to get a circular shape, then move the roll down so the edges of each circle touch and keep tracing. Cut along the bottom edge and attach the scallops to the bottom of the dress.


Step 5

Now that the dress is complete, you can design your hat using the same method as the dress: Add Baby Pink Duck Tape® to the floppy hat in vertical and horizontal strips, then trim the edges.

Dress 2

Step 6

All that's left to do is grab your Ken and head to Barbie Land!

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