Duck Tape Hanukkah 3

Step 1

To get started on making the Duck Tape® beads, measure and cut a 12 in. strip of tape. Then, cut that strip in half long ways so you have two pieces that are about 1 in. wide and 12 in. long.

Duck Tape Hanukkah 4

Step 2

Next, peel 1 triangle shape off the cutting mat and fold over about 1/2 inch of the larger end of the triangle. Then, wrap the folded larger end of the triangle around a small wooden skewer and keep rolling until all of the tape is rolled up on itself. Keep the tape centered on itself by making small adjustments as you roll so the shape stays symmetrical. Slide the Duck Tape® bead off the skewer and you're ready to make more beads!

Duck Tape Hanukkah 5

Step 3

Now onto making a beaded Star of David! First, slide 12 Duck Tape® beads onto a chenille stem. Repeat with a second stem so you have 2 strings of beads. Then, fold the stems into triangles with 4 beads on each side.

Duck Tape Hanukkah 6

Step 4

Then, weave the 2 triangles together to form a Star of David. Each side of each triangle has to go over once and under once. Twist the open ends of the pipe cleaner together to close up the ends and hold everything together.

Finally, cut off any excess stem and you're all done!